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Testimonials From Our Members
Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback to help us make easier to use and more dynamic than ever!  Your comments help shape our future, so please don't hesitate to make suggestions regarding our format.  We welcome any comments you may have.

Since our launch in 1997, has added many features and increased the frequency of our updates.  Site traffic has grown dramatically and with our increasing popularity we are very pleased to have received praise on a number of high-profile investment websites and internet directories.

We also regularly receive unsolicited and very positive feedback from our subscribers (163 positive testimonials in 2004!):

Your LeadersList StockScreener is fabulous. IBD publishes "Stocks on the move" daily BUT your StockScreener allows to drill down into specific Industry and find "Stocks on the move" within that Industry. This is indeed very useful.

- Khakan 07/12/05

I really enjoy your website and find it very rewarding.

- Gerald C. 06/07/05

you always reply immediately...I appreciate that and I appreciate your service.

- Harold M 06/07/05

If the free members are smart, they'll sign up for the service. Mine has already paid for itself a several times over. Look forward to the Friday report. Keep up the good work.

- Bill W 06/07/05

Keep up the good work!

- Jon 06/07/05

I appreciate your info and all the good work you all are doing.

- Kurt Jung 06/07/05

You folks are doing good work.

- Jim D. 06/07/05

Thank you so much for your prompt, in-depth response to my ARO question. Much appreciated. People like you are what keep investors like me as subscribers!

- Jim 04/06/05

Thanks for the candle stick chart analysis in the latest issue of News. I have read both the March and the new Pt.II in April. They are great!! Keep them up and I have one more good, solid reason to continue my subscription."

- Steve 04/02/05

Thanks for a great service.

- Tom 02/17/05

Keep up the great work. The mid-day BO reports  (see here) are especially good and have been a significant catalyst to growing profits, as have your timely responses to specific inquiries.

- Dave (subscriber) 02/16/05

Your one page stock bulletin write-ups on stocks are superb (see here). They are concise and relevant and don't take much time to relay the facts. That is excellent work by Frank Testa and your CANSLIM group.

- Bill (subscriber) 02/16/05

...your newsletter (see here) and e-mail service is excellent. Keep up the good work, many thanks to everyone on the staff.

- Howard , Certified Portfolio Manager 02/14/05

 We're up $25K since we subscribed to you a month ago, and it was a tough month. We are delighted with your guidance...

- Kevin and Linda 02/14/05

You  are providing an excellent service to investors. I have already made some really good picks with the assistance of your mid-day breakout reports (see sample). I plan on telling a few good friends about the CANSLIM strategy as well as your extremely important piece of the puzzle-finding the pivot point!

- Bicking 02/08/05

Thanks for your help, and I have found your service to be top notch and very helpful.

- Carter 02/04/05

I'm a casual to aggressive trader and have really been impressed with your work.

- Tom 02/02/05

This is great!! It's a great educational tool!! Most of them would benefit
from this report greatly. I'm a retired Finacial Planner "stock broker"..and find you guys
are doing a great job!

- Thanks, Rich P 02/02/05

You newsletter is the absolute best I have looked at, and I have sampled a few.
I like your delivery, content format, the whole package. Thank you for providing such
a high quality service. Keep up the great work!

- Kim 02/02/05

I just joined your service about 1 month ago, and I wanted to take the time to thank you for the useful daily commentaries and the breakout reports.

I really enjoyed the web seminar... I hope you keep producing these types of seminars because I have found it useful for using canslim materials.

Keep up the good work!

- Julian (subscriber) 01/19/05

It is not often that I receive a non-automated response to any online question I may have.  This is the value of to me.

- Rick (subscriber) 12/30/04

I think you all do an excellent job for which I am grateful.

- Jerry (subscriber) 12/29/04

I love your service [ StockNews Membership] and have profited well from the guidelines you advocate.

- David (subscriber) 12/28/04

...very happy with; you save me a lot of time hunting for CANSLIM stocks.

- George (subscriber) 12/25/04

Keep up the good work...

- Ed (subscriber) 12/17/04

I really am impressed with the amount of information you offer with your website and daily reports [ StockNews Membership]...

- Glenn (subscriber) 12/17/04

I just wanted to say how much I value your insight and your newsletter.

- Suzanne (subscriber) 12/17/04

Thanks for the Stock Bulletin. I am a trader and you had provided me with all the good data necessary for a good trade. Thanks, I am very happy with my subscription and keep up the good work on educational pointers and stock evaluations.

- Robert (subscriber) 12/17/04

I'm in Munich, Germany this week. I'm here in the hotel trying to stay awake until this evening so I can get used to the time zone and what do I do? That's right, I take the free Online Seminar!

You did a great job!

If one can fight jet lag and still view the online seminar, then it must be good.

I found it very helpful. A lot of what we talk about week to week and yet some new tips too. Keep up the great work!

- Ken (subscriber) 12/12/04

Very well presented. [ Online Seminar]

- Alan 12/12/04

Your stock bulletins are very well done -  short and concise, filled with the essence of a company's technical and fundamental info and delivered in a very readable format...excellent work!!!

- William (subscriber) 12/11/04

Thanks for the information in the online seminar. I found it a helpful distillation of O?Neill?s work. I look forward to future videos.

- Brandon (subscriber) 12/10/04

I have always been impressed with your customer-oriented service.

- Lori (subscriber) 12/10/04

Thank you for a great service.

- Stuart (subscriber) 12/09/04

I want to say that I have really enjoyed the service and the numerous substantial enhancements. Your service has played a significant part in helping me more than double my portfolio in the past 6 months. Keep up the outstanding work.

- David (subscriber) 12/08/04

Your monthly newsletters [ News] are full of wisdom and insight that I have not gotten from anywhere else. The ability to use your search engine on the leading stocks is awesome.

- Larry (subscriber) 12/07/04

I enjoy your service and commend you on your thorough work.

- Sasha (subscriber) 12/07/04

...I have caught a couple of big fish since incorporating both your and Gary's services...because of your work, I have a better understanding of the CANSLIM system.

- Theo (subscriber) 12/07/04

Your site is excellent. Don't listen to negative folks who complain about nothing. I appreciate!!!

- Jack (subscriber) 12/07/04

The online seminar was fantastic - you hit the main points of O'Neill's philosophy in a short, concise and easy to understand format!

- Frank (subscriber) 12/07/04

You have a good service.

- Richard (subscriber) 12/04/04

I watched the first one  and I can say I am very impressed.

- Shawn 12/04/04

Great presentation! [ Online Seminar] You did your homework and Ken's presentation is right on, clear, concise. Frankly, you have the best value of any service I have subscribed to.

- Jim (subscriber) 12/04/04

I have watched's online seminar and find it very useful...I think this video is good for keeping me motivated and as an aid to being constantly reminded what the rules are. I would think it would also be good for someone new to CANSLIM methodology.

- James (subscriber) 12/03/04

I think your online seminar provided a good high-level overview of the CANSLIM method and showed some great examples of your staff's ability to pick winning stocks.

- Richard 12/03/04

I find the reports very useful and informative.

- Vern (subscriber) 12/02/04

Thanks for the December issue [ News].  I especially appreciate your adding the previously highlighted stocks from your Mid-Day BreakOuts report.

- Brian (subscriber) 12/01/04

In this day and age, with the deluge of information and tech we're swimming through, the top quality to look for in a new service or product is customer care/service, i.e., patience, sincerity, and interest.

In the last few weeks I have had a lot of questions to ask the folks at and I can say that so far I have experienced sincere and patient and understanding responses. Except for one time, among many, a live person has picked up the phone right away.

Even when I've had many questions (or didn't understand their response - I'm still learning), they seemed patient and understanding. I feel that is genuinely interested in my prospering with the CANSLIM method of investing.

- Paul (new subscriber) 11/29/04

The addition of "View all Notes" in the Notes is a tremendous aid in tracking down past history of your comments on stocks. No more looking up a bunch of old reports to see what was said. NOW IT IS ALL IN ONE PLACE. VERY GOOD !!!

- Subscriber 11/29/04

Love your service!  I?ve learned so much.  Thank you very much!!

- David (subscriber) 11/23/04

I have watched's Video Seminar and find it very useful. As someone who has read O'Neil's books and tries to apply his CANSLIM procedures correctly, I think this video is good for keeping me motivated and as an aid to being constantly reminded what the rules are. I would think it would also be good for someone new to CANSLIM  methodology.

- James (subscriber) 11/23/04

I've found your service very, very valuable...

- David (subscriber) 11/22/04

I am a subscriber and I read both reports every day [ StockNews]. Can't hardly wait until I get them. They are great.

- Jerry (subscriber) 11/21/04

Keep up the good work

- Ike (subscriber) 11/19/04

Thanks for this improvement. I personally prefer filing electronic data as opposed to paper data, so this is really wonderful...keep up the great work.

- Benn (subscriber) 11/18/04

Thanks to your excellent newsletter [ StockNews], I think I'm FINALLY "getting it" when it comes to CANSLIM investing... I find this approach much more appealing than watching daily analysts' "upgrades" or listening to various market gurus.

- Joy (subscriber) 11/15/04

You are doing a fine job and the market has now turned after a long period of consolidation. I'm making money again!

- Robert (subscriber) 11/15/04

I have been reading your newsletter and updates for about a year now and they have been very helpful.

- Chip (subscriber) 11/11/04

I enjoy the service as I get more and more used to it. I've recommended StockNews to two other investors that I network with.

- Dennis (subscriber) 11/10/04

Just wanted to let you know that I highly value your daily commentary and feel more assured and in control of this portion of my finances than at any time in the last six years that I have been trading! For me, the beauty of your approach is that you provide the basic information, explain the logic behind it, and then let us, your reading public, analyze it and take the appropriate action. It's not just "trust me"!

Please keep up the good work! It really helps to take some of the mystery out of the stock market.

- Paul (subscriber) 11/07/04

Love the web site. Very helpful information.

- Larry (subscriber) 11/04/04

Thanks for all your hard work. I really enjoy the site and find it extremely helpful.

- Jerry (subscriber) 11/03/04

You guys are a great group... a well-run organization. I hope to retire soon with a combination of IBD and your advisory service [ StockNews].

- Steve (subscriber) 11/02/04

I attended your recent workshop in Fort Lauderdale and want to say that it was rewarding to finally meet some of the people behind such a great product.

- Rick (subscriber) 11/02/04

I appreciate your information and daily e-mail

- Barbara (subscriber) 11/01/04

It has been a very difficult market this year but the few months I've been a member, I've been destroying the market. Thanks for your insightful reports!

- Mike (subscriber) 11/01/04

I would welcome more great analysis such as you have done with the latest Stock Alert Report!

- Kenneth (subscriber) 11/01/04

You guys are great.

- Hal (subscriber) 10/29/04

After reviewing the quality of the Stock News Membership product, I have decided to become a subscriber.  I look forward to learning a great deal from your service.

- David (new subscriber) 10/28/04

I've been very happy with!

- Mike (subscriber) 10/28/04

I think you guys do a great job.

- Govind (subscriber) 10/28/04

I have been frequenting your website for a number of weeks now and am very impressed with not only the quality of your advice but the user-friendly and straightforward layout of your site as well.

- Charles 10/26/04

Keep up the great work.

- Gary (subscriber) 10/20/04

Good job at the seminar last Saturday.

- Greg (subscriber) 10/19/04


- Mike (subscriber) 10/18/04

I was at the workshop on Saturday and it was great.

- John (subscriber) 10/18/04

Great work on these mid-day breakout reports! 

- Tom (subscriber) 10/14/04

I'm enjoying your service!

- Linda (subscriber) 10/13/04

I enjoy my subscription very much!

- Eli (subscriber) 10/13/04

I love your service. [ StockNews]

- Doug (subscriber) 10/12/04

Just an enthusiastically reiterated thank you for an outstanding service.

- Abe (subscriber) 10/12/04

Keep up the good work,  My wife and I look at your data almost every day.

- James (subscriber) 10/12/04

I LOVE your service. [ StockNews]

- Marlene (subscriber) 10/11/04

I, like many others, would like to congratulate you for a very well written and profitable service. I've been reading IBD for years but the very insightful commentary and analysis by your contributors (especially Kenneth J. Gruniesen) provide a fresh new look at the approach. Thank you.

- Herman (subscriber) 10/01/04

I have no complaints about your service, it is great!

- John 9/24/04

Keep up the good work, very tough market lately...your service [ StockNews] helps to clarify the uncertainty.

- Jim (subscriber) 9/23/04

I just wanted to say you people are doing a great job at and I have done well with quite a few of your stock selections.

- Jim (subscriber) 9/22/04

Thanks for providing such a great service

- Richard (subscriber) 9/18/04

Long live!

- Clark (renewed subscriber) 9/17/04

Great information. Very succinct and useful.

- John (subscriber) 9/15/04

Thank you for your report. It has good information.

- Ari (subscriber) 9/13/04

I really like your product and your customer service has been excellent!

- Gary (subscriber) 9/10/04

I love your service. Keep up the good work.

- Norm (subscriber) 9/09/04

Thank you for your service. I find it saves me a lot of time.

- Chris (subscriber) 9/07/04

I hope that the family is able to continue to provide the excellent service [ StockNews] I have grown to expect.

- Dan (subscriber) 9/02/04

You provide a valuable service...

- Carol (subscriber) 9/02/04

I really do like your program and want to stick with it.

- Paul (subscriber) 8/31/04

I love the idea of getting "hand-picked stock ideas from your experts".  The last thing I need in my busy life is a large volume of reading materials.

- Bruce 8/30/04

Keep up the good work, I learn something every day from your publications.

- Dave (subscriber) 8/25/04

I've been a subscriber to your service for a couple of weeks and I'm really impressed.

- Mike (new subscriber) 8/25/04

Thanks for your help!

- Bill (subscriber) 8/23/04

Great report [ Special Report]; great job, as always.

- David (subscriber) 8/23/04


- Bob (subscriber) 8/23/04

Thanks for picking [featured stock], so far it has been a great recommendation.

- Gary (subscriber) 8/14/04

I think you do an admirable job. I was in the business for 22 years - 10 years as a broker and 12 years as a branch manager.

What you do is outstanding!

- Steven (subscriber) 8/12/04

I thank you for all you do, especially in a very difficult market.

- Kathy (subscriber) 8/07/04

Hey!  I love this! [ Daily After-Market Update]

- Autumn (subscriber) 8/03/04

Great call on [Featured Stock] as well.  That one looks very appealing.  Keep up the great work.

-Doc (subscriber) 8/02/04 have a good product.

- Matt (subscriber) 7/29/04

Your current screening operations are great. They have been profitable for me especially when the general market sentiment and corporate announcements are bullish and trends as shown by the charts are stable or rising.

- Milton (subscriber) 7/25/04

[ StockNews] is a wonderful service and the write-ups on the stock market every day are very informative.

- Won (subscriber) 7/20/04

...your service is outstanding

- David (subscriber) 7/08/04

As a devoted IBD practitioner, I appreciate your service and commend you for a job well done

- Frank 7/08/04

I really like the format that you use and look forward to joining your customer list soon.

- Rich (soon to be a subscriber) 7/04/04

Keep up the great work with your newsletter [ News], best money I spent all year...

- Dr. F (subscriber) 7/02/04

Now, that is the kind of the response [an email from Kenny Gruneisen] that 'ups' my confidence in your service. Expect me to sign up very soon, like tomorrow. Thanks

- Shiraz (soon to be a subscriber) 6/30/04

I'm very pleased that I've subscribed to your service.

- RCH (subscriber) 6/24/04)

I've been a [ StockNews] subscriber since Jan 2004 and have found your newsletter to be very helpful, even in a difficult market.

- Neil (subscriber) 6/22/04

Thanks for your service. I love your nightly after market reports...Keep up the good work.

P.S. I think your service is underpriced.

- Carlo (subscriber) 6/22/04

I saw that the IBD Screen of the Day for Best Stocks in Best Industries featured HANS at the number one position. You have emerged as the Nostradamus of stock pickers

- HT (subscriber) 6/19/04

Of all the services I use, you guys are the best.

- Sol (subscriber) 6/2/04

Thank you for your fine service

- Harry (subscriber) 5/31/04

Our investing club truly enjoys your newsletter and other reports [ StockNews]

- Harold (subscriber) 5/26/04

Keep up the good work!

- Jon (subscriber) 5/20/04

I find your daily market reports very valuable in helping me to stay in touch with the market. Thanks.

- JF (subscriber) 5/19/04

You offer a great product.

- Greg 5/16/04

I have been able to make trades with the Daily After-Market Update and have made some money on ISSC already?I appreciate that.

- Chris (subscriber) 5/14/04

I have been enjoying your service [ StockNews] and messages despite the lousy market. Keep up the good work.

- Bob (subscriber) 5/14/04

I love your service and am a very happy subscriber. I think I've been on-board for about 5 or 6 months now and I've really enjoyed your commentary and perspective. Your picks have helped me make money which is always a great thing!

- Mick (subscriber) 5/6/04

You have a great service...

- Luiz 5/6/04

I love your service and the pivot point info is quite helpful.

- David (subscriber) 4/26/04

I want to thank you for the four weekend reports you sent out. Great notes.

...your type of work is well appreciated by many. 

- Harold (subscriber) 04/26/04

I find the after market report and the mid-day report to be helpful. So please continue. Thanks.

- Abu (subscriber) 04/25/04

Love your service!!!

- RD (subscriber) 04/25/04

I love your service and the pivot point information is quite helpful.  

- David (subscriber) 04/23/04

Your reporting is impeccable and has influenced all my trades for the past year.  Keep the great reports coming!

-Tim (subscriber) 04/23/04

I wanted to tell you that I love your service. I listen to you guys every day on Kaltbaum. Since I've been listening to him, getting your service, and read Weinstein's book, my whole outlook on investing has changed. Thanks for teaching me how to read the market. Your lessons/analysis have been invaluable. I look forward to your continuing service and I will recommend it to as many people as I can.

Thank you very much,

- David (subscriber) 4/14/04

Your work is outstanding... reasonable, measured, and logical.  Your service is a huge bargain. If you charged five times as much it would still be a great value.

- Abe (subscriber) 4/01/04

I believe you do a quality job and appreciate the newsletter [ News].

- Mike (subscriber) 4/01/04

It is refreshing to subscribe to a newsletter that reports and recommends buying during optimal "m"arket conditions, but also has the discipline to heed warning and stress capital preservation during a correction or bear market.

Although my gains this year has not been spectacular, my saving from losses far EXCEEDS the subscription price of your service. Kudos to you and your staff!

- James (subscriber) 3/23/04

Good service!

- Art (subscriber) 3/17/04

I enjoy and learn so much from your service, thanks for all.

- Rebecca (subscriber) 3/09/04

...your site was the first to bring me the stocks on their breakouts. I'm a life member now. Thanks

- Walter (subscriber) 3/08/04

Great job as always!

- David (subscriber) 3/05/04

I love your service. It has made me a much better investor. Thank you.

- Wayne (subscriber) 3/05/04 is the greatest "trading" service that I have ever seen or used.

- Rachel (subscriber) 3/05/04

I really appreciate these stock bulletins - I consider them the potential gems of your service

- Rich (subscriber) 03/05/04

I just want to thank you for an incredible service. I am canceling some of my others based on the richness (pun intended) that I have found in I have just finished my first month and I have paid for many years to come of your service with my first buys based upon your advisories. Thanks!

- Sandy (subscriber) 03/04/04

I think your group is terrific!!!  Thanks for your reports and efforts.

- SDW (subscriber) 03/03/04


- David (subscriber) 3/03/04

Thanks to you and all the crew for your excellent work. I just read the article (lesson) on selling CTSH. Those lessons, brief, insightful, instructive, and to the point, are the most valuable things we can read - valuable beyond words.

- WM (subscriber) 3/02/03

I think you guys are doing a great job.

- Ron 3/01/03

I just feel lucky and wished to express my thanks for finding a quality stock website through MarketVue. Unlike many other stock sites that tout their small and microcap picks like TokyoJoe is just an excellent website for the money. Keep up the great work. 

It's as if I just want to keep this site to myself and not tell anyone about it. However, I can't keep a good secret though. I've been telling lots of my friends about it.

- Thomaso (subscriber) 2/27/04

I appreciate all of what your team does do but I especially like the  following about

1) your color-coded chart is superb!

2) format is user-friendly

3) straight and to the point, clear, and concise wording including the After-Market Update

4) Your attention to detail

- Lisa (subscriber) 2/26/04

I am very happy about the service and will continue to sign up each year. I use the Mid-day Breakouts Reports religiously and could not function without it.

- Greg (subscriber) 2/19/04

Your service is really special!
I'm waiting for another of those wonderful single stock alerts...
Thanks for all your hard work!

- Jan (subscriber) 2/11/04

I find your nightly report to be a concise, no-nonsense information-packed document that I eagerly await every evening. It is very readable and just what I'm looking for...Keep up the good work. 

- Bill (subscriber) 2/9/04

Just want to thank you for continually reinforcing the 8% loss sell rule - it saved me a ton ... but I am learning not to get mad or worry; about stocks that reverse after I sell them at a loss - learning to MOVE ON! Also, I really like the way you are giving feature price AND pivot plus carrying recommendations in an ongoing manner. You are fine tuning the service nicely!

- D47 (subscriber) 2/5/04

I can't begin to tell you guys how happy I am with your service's advice and the radio show. They have definitely turned my financial situation around. Before, I just bought something anybody told me about and lost everything. After listening to Gary 's show, I read O'Neil's book and subscribed to your service and for the first time in 20 years of investing I am finally able to invest with a little knowledge and confidence. Thank you, I feel so spoiled .

- Bernie (subscriber) 2/5/04

Thanks for the report on ATRS-- Good evaluation

-SDW (subscriber) 2/04/04

I appreciate your time and your excellent service.

- David (soon to be a subscriber) 1/30/04

...let me say, "Thank you!" for your services. I depend on them so much and find them to be extremely helpful! I especially like your mid-day reports

- Clayton (subscriber) 1/28/04

I enjoy the educational value of your newsletters a great deal. In addition to the financial goals, I am gaining insight on CANSLIM investing.

- J. Michael (subscriber) 1/27/04

Thanks for the excellent information CANSLIM.NET team has been providing to individual investors like me.

- Manoj (subscriber) 1/23/04

Since joining a couple of months ago, I have really enjoyed your service [ StockNews], which just keeps getting better and better. I particularly have enjoyed the answers to reader's questions that have been posted lately.

- Jim (subscriber) 1/21/04

I have visited your site, and read your sample offerings. They are an impressive advertisement for your work! My congratulations.

 - Ken 1/21/04

I think your reports are great...keep up the good job.

Harold (subscriber) 1/18/03

I just subscribed today and cannot refrain from making a comment...
which is WOW and that is an extreme understatement. If you charged monthly for what you charge for a year, it would be a bargain.
Congratulations on a service that is head and shoulders above its peers. 

- Abe (new subscriber) 1/18/04

I went ahead and subscribed. I now understand the difference with my very first ?paid? issue! You guys are the greatest of help to a CANSLIM investor ? I think I?ll do well with this info, and look forward to many years of your services.

 - James (subscriber) 1/16/04

I really enjoy your service [ StockNews]. While I've only been a member for 30 days or so...your service is right on target, enough info, but not too much. I love the  mid day report as it gives me info I can often act on immediately.

I've been actively trading for 15 months or so and I am an avid reader of IBD. Your newsletter is a perfect complement to IBD. Previously, I had tried to outsmart the market bouncing in and out of leading stocks. Your reports give me the confidence that I'm looking at the right stocks and to follow the CANSLIM discipline and to simply sit on my hands when a stock is behaving well.

Thanks for the great service.

- Bob (subscriber) 1/16/04

I want to commend Mr. Richard Miller and the staff for the best analysis yet received from [the Stock Alert Report]. This truly followed the CANSLIM approach. As a bonus it broke out two days later on high volume. Thank you for good work. This is what makes so valuable.

- Ron (subscriber) 1/15/03

....please count me as one who's very positive and appreciative about your service and the recent enhancements [ Mid-Day BreakOuts Report].

 - David (subscriber) 1/15/04

I enjoy your reports and I especially like the continuing review of your selections...

 - Harry (subscriber) 1/15/04

Your service is EXCELLENT...Thanks for your hard work!

- Jane (subscriber) 01/15/04

I really appreciate the many additional services you now offer. Your analysis of [the latest stock in the [ Stock Alert Report] is outstanding and is a significant aid in the research process. Also, your daily analysis of stocks you've highlighted really helps cut through a lot of the noise by providing solid, sound reasoning regarding activity in a stock. That's quite helpful. Keep up the outstanding work.

- David (subscriber) 1/14/04

...that was a terrific report [ Stock Alert Report]. I think that's the way to do it... Keep laughing and keep up the rock'n stock machine.

 - Bill (subscriber) 1/14/04

The information provided in the IBD [Investors Business Daily] paperwork can be overwhelming and provides a very focused view of all the data. It's helped a great deal,  thank you.

- Jim (subscriber) 1/12/04

I have enjoyed you publication and observations. They have certainly improved my trading profitability.

- Mike (subscriber) 01/12/04

I've been a subscriber for over 6 months now, and I'll admit that at times I questioned the value of your service. However, since subscribing to eIBD, and doing more of my own research, I can say that News  is a worthwhile investment.

Love the recent improvements including better commentary in the end of day report & the Mid-day BreakOuts report.

Great improvements in the last 6 months, and there's still room for more. Keep up the good work.

 - John (subscriber) 1/8/04

Wow!---you guys are really responsive!!!!  I'll look forward to using this service [ StockNews].  I have been an IBD addict for 3 years and have purchased all of their services.  Yours will be the "icing on the cake",  I am sure. Kaltbaum is a terrific spokesperson for your product.  I just got hooked on his program about a month ago...Thanks again!

- Amy (New subscriber) 1/7/04

I've been a subscriber for only a few months, but I really enjoy reading and learning from your team. Keep up the good work and know that even though you don't hear from all of us all the time, your subscribers really like what you are doing

- Owen (subscriber) 1/7/04

I am really glad you are sending out these midday updates.

- Bob (subscriber) 1/7/04

Excellent format. Great service.

- jagannath (subscriber) 1/7/04 After Market Reports, Mid-Day BreakOuts Reports and Stock Bulletins are all very user-friendly, well-written, color coded, and organized in a way that I can't wait to read mid-day at work or when I get home. I have tried other services that may have comparable info but "format" is everything! After coming home from work I look for something practical, (something I can actually use the same day and not just read). Your chart and method of organization keeps getting better...

- Lisa (subscriber) 1/7/04

You guys are awesome

- Steve (subscriber) 1/6/04

Your service is wonderful!

- Andy (subscriber) 1/2/04

I am now relying on the Mid Day BreakOuts Report daily - an excellent service! Thank you.

- Eleanor (subscriber) 12/26/03

I love your newsletter.

- Rick (subscriber) 12/24/03

I finally joined [ StockNews membership] a couple days ago after exchanging email with Kenny G and listening to him on Gary K's radio program.  I was very impressed with the depth of your response and the time you took to respond.  While my history with your service is short, I have really enjoyed my subscription so far.

I am also very excited about the opportunity to learn more through the provided stock analysis, where you've detailed the charts and outline the technical analysis involved.  These are outstanding.  While I thought I was fairly strong in technical analysis and was really getting a feel for it on my own...I am confident that I will learn a lot from your service.

All this and the price is great.

Keep up the great work.

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...I was skeptical of in the beginning but this is without question a very meaningful, insightful, and professional website. Please keep up the brilliant work!!

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Your service is terrific! After trying your free reports and noticing stocks appear that took me hours to find on my own, I decided to subscribe so I could save myself hours doing research. I love the analyses of stocks that you provide and use them as a learning tool. Thank you for giving me a life and keep up the good work.

-Steve (subscriber) 12/22/03

Kudos on the more informative version of Mid-Day Reports, subscriber questions, real useful information for us. It's AWESOME BABY (not to sound like Dickie V). Keep up the great work and may the "profits" be with you!

- Mike (subscriber) 12/19/03

You are getting better and better.  Keep up the excellent innovations.

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Thank you for continually looking for ways to improve an already great product,
keep up the good work.

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I also like the end of the day report [ Enhanced Daily BreakOuts Report] currently receive. Very clear and informative. Keep up the great work!

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I appreciate your helpful service and keep up the good work!

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You are fabulous!!!

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I really enjoy your pay reports (I receive them on my other email account) I feel the daily commentary alone is worth the $79 [now $199], not to mention the monthly picks and the incredible [ Enhanced Daily BreakOuts Report] breakouts screen.

- Reed (subscriber) 12/08/03

Great Newsletter! I am planning on joining as a Christmas gift to myself (soon).

- Flashspeed (soon to be a subscriber) 12/08/03

Thanks so much, you have a great newsletter [ News] and I am very glad I subscribe.

-Tom (subscriber) 12/03/03

THANKS SO MUCH! I see that you are striving to improve your service and it is appreciated.

-Jan (subscriber) 11/29/03

I love your reports and bought CLZR on the breakout you published and am still in the stock for a sizable gain.

- Tom (subscriber) 11/29/03

This is by far the best market letter I suscribe to! I can hardly believe the information is free [not exactly free, part of the StockNews membership package]. THANK YOU!!

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This is a great service [ StockNews membership].  I used your free report to help select a stock that was just breaking out. I bought it and then sold it a few days later to lock in a quick profit of $250. That more than paid for my upgrade to a 1 year subscription. Thank you very much!!

-John (new subscriber) 11/25/03

You certainly have been some of the nicest people to deal with...

- Margaret 11/20/03

I enjoy so much...I want to re-up for 2 additional years.

- Mike (subscriber) 11/15/03

I like the table you supplied today showing the current status of stocks that have been recently reviewed or featured in your stock bulletins.  This is a good addition.  Thanks

- Mike (subscriber) 11/14/03

I have been using your service for a couple of weeks now. I am very happy with your analysis and stock picks. I would also like to tell you that I really like the stock picks tracking you are doing in the Enhanced Daily Breakout Reports. That is very helpful and saves me the time of doing that independently of reading your reports. Most services do not like to draw that much attention to their picks, for obvious reasons. My hat's off to you and please keep up the good work.

- Dan (subscriber) 11/14/03

I appreciate the responsiveness (don?t always see that with a lot of sites/services).   It makes a big difference.  Thanks so much.

 - Mike (subscriber) 11/11/03

Thanks so much for your quick response...I was flabbergasted to be honest with you.  Then when I read the Enhanced Daily Breakouts Report tonight I was even more stunned.  I believe you have made a customer for life here.

I am emailing all my friends about your quick and wonderful service.  Thanks from a satisfied customer...

- Luis (subscriber) 11/10/03

It is a delight to see the service refining the presentation and , as I said before, I am doing very well, thank you, by studying your recommendations and then buying right.

Again, thanks for your work.  It pinpoints great setups and saves me valuable time. is worth every penny of the price.

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I began my subscription a couple of months ago; it's not the only one I have, just the only subscription that makes money.

- Iclemons (subscriber) 11/04/03

I subscribed over the weekend and am very impressed with the first issue. I've been along time IBD reader, but there's almost too much data there for anyone but the professional trader. Your CANSLIM newlsetter hits the mark in that it subscribes to the principles of or Bill O'Neil and highlights key opportunities.

- Clark (subscriber) 11/03/03

I appreciate your responsiveness and the details you provide me via email.  The service you provide is very helpful.

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Love the new report (Enhanced Breakouts Report) for subscribers!  It's great. 

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...this new Enhanced Breakouts Report blew me away. This is without a doubt the best daily breakouts report I have ever seen. This report contains a wealth of information that would take me hours to put together on my own. Serious traders who read this report are leaps and bounds ahead of the pack. Many thanks to all who work so hard in putting this together. It has help move my trading to new heights.

- Dennis (subscriber) 10/10/03

The new daily report is awesome. Can't wait until it rolls out.

-Kevin (subscriber) 10/10/03

I have really benefited from the screenings you do and can say after about 3 months or so of membership that the last 7 companies I have invested in were found in listings, and yes, the monthly issues are good. Keep up the good work and I'll be back when the subscription runs out.

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This report (new enhanced Daily BreakOut Report) is just wonderful.  Good job.  Give my compliments to all involved in this new format.

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I find your monthly News extremely helpful, specifically due to its use of pivot points and maximum purchase point.

- John (subscriber) 10/8/03

Great service! So far, I've made about 5% on straight trades in the past month. That's pretty solid.

- snyderc (subscriber) 10/6/03

"Thanks for all of your great work.  I am 57 and learning more since reading IBD and following your reports than I learned through Barrons, WSJ, CNBC, Lou, et al.  You have helped me focus and set rules and be patient. Thanks."

- Dave (subscriber) 10/1/03

I have recommended to three members of my family and I am impressed with your candid reports that I have signed up for two more years. Thanks James and Ken."

- Bob in Illinois (subscriber) 10/1/03

You guys have helped identify some big winners and have a great service.

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Thank you for your information. Your service is great.

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There is no better resource as far as I'm concerned...
( StockNews Membership is) the perfect match for the IBD subscriber.

- Jon (subscriber) 09/07/03

...there are so many good sites. I finally decided to stick with IBD, TCNet and and study and use everything these three sites have to offer.

- Tom 08/26/03

  I thank you for your (Service) which is without doubt excellent.  I like it very much. Your website is wonderful, full of good information, and your monthly newsletter without par. Keep up with the good work.

- J.  08/16/03

Thanks for your help...the info so far has been outstanding.

Thanks, Doug 8/15/03

I subscribe to their yearly service ( StockNews) and have found it quite valuable.  They spotted some real winners very early in their paid monthly reports.

- woorob 07/30/03

I also have found this site to be a good source of ideas and subscribe to the basic service.  I keep a watch list in TCNet of their breakout stocks and quickly review the charts every night.  Have found a couple good winners and missed a few that they listed also.

- Hitman 07/16/03

My daily routine is to read IBD and take a look at

- rtafoya 07/02/03

I subscribed to ( StockNews Service) a few months ago and I'm a very satisfied subscriber. You are doing a great job and keep things simple. I want to congratulate you on the contents and
the stocks picks of your monthly newsletter. Your newsletter is a truly premium newsletter for everyone trying to find the right stocks in the right sectors at the right moment.  I want to express my thanks to the team and all who are helping behind the scenes to
issue the newsletters and to update the website each day.

- Best regards, C. S.

The August ( News) issue was worth the wait.

- Regards, Leo

I've found their monthly reports ( News)
to be invaluable aids  in identifying winning stocks meeting the CANSLIM requirements.

- Posted in IBD Message Board by: Woorob

It has been two months since I subscribed to your monthly newsletter ( News).  I did not act on the June newsletter as I wanted to exercise a "Show me" approach. With confirmation  that the selections for June were right on the mark, I bought the July recommendations. 
Wow, I am a confirmed subscriber!!!

If your newsletter continues this kind of performance, I will simplify my life  and cancel most of my other subscriptions.

Thanks for doing a great job!


I have back tested the last 4 (issues of) News, their monthly letter that suggests "Stocks to Watch In This Market" and found their suggestions to be very successful.

It is an excellent and cheap source of CANSLIM news and prospects.

- Scott - Go Blue Jackets

"Your service, subscription and otherwise, has proven invaluable to me, so I am sure this new service (Stock Bulletins) will only add more. BTW: Since subscribing to " News," I have cancelled all other (paid) subscriptions except IBD, the Del/Cup Watch and Tobin Smith's "Change Wave". Your service is that excellent! I have referred you to numerous friends and sincerely hope your subscriptions have expanded as a result."

- Jim

"I appreciate your work. I have used selections from your information, and all my picks are up at the present time - ERES being the best."

John, OR

"This is the best free e-mail service. Thank You!"

-R.A. Szumal

"Just wanted to say how helpful your Closing Market Commentary is. 
In one paragraph you have all the info to help one see market direction, 
volume, price and breadth, I have, for the last 6 months, been looking at the end of day data on the major indexes and yours is the BEST"

- Paul Mason

"Daily receipt of the breakout report is helping 
me to do better with selections. Thanks for all your hard work.

- Regards, Bill S.

"You guys do great work and we appreciate it a lot. 
Thanks for your insights and a great education!"

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"I am a fan and actually recommended your service 
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about investing in the market again." 

- Thank you, Justin

"I'm so glad I found your site!  I really look forward to the
"BreakOut" report each day.  It is very helpful in finding quality stocks ready to breakout.  I especially enjoy the "Notes" section. 
Thank you for including it on the screen of the "BreakOut" report."  

- Carolyn :-))

"Excellent comments on the stocks -- and everyday too! 
Thanks.  It saves me a lot of preliminary work."

- James

"The BreakOuts Report have given me several good 
starting points for further research."

"It's a great source of investment ideas to follow up on."

"I am very pleased with your free service. I wish I had requested this 
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"A way to filter through the best canslim stocks using a computer based screen...  This site is great".   C Mattison

"Fantastic site, was looking for computer assist in doing an unmodified CANSLIM selection to make a watchlist for daily screening for breakouts and other technically  indicated trades, nothing compares it seems, for free... Thanks."  Max

"Enjoy the site very much - my husband is using it as major investment technique, and so far so good! Thanks for the good support"  J. Samson

"I eagerly look forward to see what you research can tell me because I am a professional geologist with a "regular" job, so I don't have an abundance of time to find new opportunities in securities."  H. N., Private Investor

" has helped me spot some of my biggest winners.  You are a great help!"  R. M, Private Investor

"I think is an excellent online forum for investors!  This site offers vital information in a unique interactive format!" - G. Kaltbaum, Technical Analyst at J.W. Genesis

Further information is available on all issues by request. 

Thanks for visiting our site!  As always, we wish you good luck investing!


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